Tamzin Outhwaite returns!

Image Credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron

Last seen in April 2002, Mel fled Walford when everything started to fall apart. If losing her beloved husband, Steve Owen, was not enough heartbreak for Mel, his web of deceit and lies were soon uncovered and Mel found herself facing a long stretch in prison as she was unknowingly implicated in her late husband’s drug dealing. As many other betrayals, by those closest to her, came to light Mel took desperate measures and she fled the country, losing Phil the small matter of her £30,000 bail money in the process…

Classy, sassy and fierce, Mel Owen’s return to Walford is bound to turn a few heads as well tear open old wounds. But with so much history in Albert Square, just why is Mel coming back? One thing is for sure, when gorgeous Mel Owen returns the drama will not be far behind.

During her previous time at EastEnders, Tamzin instantly cemented herself as an EastEnders icon. She was involved in some of the shows biggest storylines including Who Shot Phil, her love affair and subsequent marriage with Steve Owen and who can forget her ill-fated relationship with Ian Beale. Since leaving EastEnders, Tamzin has gone on to star in countless television, film and theatre roles including Out Of Control, Red Cap, New Tricks and Sweet Charity.

Speaking about her return to Walford, Tamzin says: “When I got the call from John (Yorke) asking if I would consider coming back to EastEnders, it was something I just couldn’t refuse. John created Mel’s most memorable storylines so it is an honour that he has asked me to return. EastEnders is in my DNA and I always knew deep down that someday I would revisit Mel; she is a strong independent woman with lots more stories to tell. To be stepping back into Mel’s shoes nearly twenty years after I first started feels just perfect.”

John Yorke, Creative Director, EastEnders says: “Tamzin is one of EastEnders’ biggest stars, so it’s particularly exciting to welcome her back to Walford for an incredible storyline – one that will awaken a lot of old ghosts, some great memories, and a whole new series of adventures too. We’re thrilled and flattered to have Tamzin back and we can’t wait to reveal just where she’s been, and just who Melanie Owen is now”.

Tamzin will begin filming in the next few weeks and will appear on screen in the New Year. Tamzin made her first appearance on 19 October 1998 and left 12 April 2002.