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    East Antrim

    Motorway Services could bring 200 new jobs. Four service stations are set to be open by Irish company Petrogas Global and they have revealed that each station will require in the region of 50 to 60 staff.

  • Mid Antrim

    Less than three weeks from the Opening Parade and Ceremony for Dale Farm Milk Cup 2014. 56 teams from the world's leading professional clubs, famous football academies and national associations from 5 continents descend of the 5 local districts.

  • Newtownabbey

    Behind Closes Doors. Police want to encourage all victims of domestic abuse to come forward and report the matter to the police.

Chatterbox is a fantastic platform for all businesses to advertise in Northern Ireland. We currently have three editions:

  • East Antrim - (Carrickfergus, Ballyclare & East Antrim BT38, BT39 & BT40 - 33,733 copies printed & delivered to homes)
  • Mid-Antrim - (Antrim & Ballymena BT41, BT42 & BT43 - 34,458 copies printed & delivered to homes)
  • Newtownabbey - (BT36 & BT37 - 30,481 copies printed & delivered to homes)

Chatterbox was created out of the desire to give all businesses, a high quality platform to advertise their business within the local areas in which their customers actually live and work. Targeted Advertising in Northern Ireland has never been such good value.

Chatterbox NI is a 40 page tabloid size newspaper established in September 2012.

Chatterbox's 3 monthly newspapers give you the opportunity to showcase your business and reinforce brand awareness. Most businesses, regardless of size, have the aim of achieving competitive advantage in the marketplace – we can help you achieve these goals in an effective, efficient and cost-effective way.

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